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We offer a selection of boxes of both Wildfell Wagyu Beef and Wildfell Aberdeen Angus Beef. If you can't find one that you want please contact us and we will try hard to meet your request.


A selection of out premium Wildfell Pure Aberdeen Angus steaks and burgers. Locally produced and grass fed this is Pure Aberdeen Angus, not just Angus sired as found in the supermarkets. Aberdeen-Angus is the global brand leader for the title…


A delicious selection of Wildfell Aberdeen Angus beef. Aged for 35 days, Pure Prime Aberdeen Angus, outdoor bred and grass fed, locally produced at Wildfell Farm in Ramsey Heights. 7kg of premium quality beef in terms of flavour and…


A box full of our Premium range pure Wildfell Aberdeen-Angus Beef. Deliciously tasty, juicy and tender.


A selection of Wildfell Aberdeen Angus perfect for Smoking and BBQ in larger pieces.


A beautiful piece of Wildfell Wagyu bone in Sirloin.


A selection of our Wildfell Wagyu Beef especially suited to low and slow cooking for delicious family dinners.


2 Large pieces Wildfell Wagyu, including, 2.5 kg Braising Steak and 3 kg flat Brisket Joint, all perfect for a large gathering.